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Don Winslow – Satori

Author: Don Winslow Title: Satori Publisher: Headline Hardback: 448 pages ISBN: 978-0-7553-7020-7 Price: £14.99 Publication Date: 28/04/2011 Fuelled by my voracious reading of James Clavell novels and the films that my Japanophile friend used to lend when we were teenagers, I have been fascinated by Oriental culture – and in particular, Japan – for a number of […]

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What is Shibumi?

When “acclaimed documentary maker” Samantha Eades [aka @SamEades] asked me if I would like to appear in a video explaining what Shibumi was I was slightly nonplussed – mainly because I had no idea what it was. But, after having read it, I felt ready to commit my thoughts on Shibumi to the silver[ish] screen. […]

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