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A Justified End


It was announced this week that Justified would end after its sixth season [its fifth season recently began in the States]. Interestingly – and refreshingly in this day and age – it was the show’s producers and showrunners, rather than its US broadcasters – FX – who took the decision to end the series. In a way, for fans, this is probably the best way for it to end – as it means that its writers will be allowed to tie-up storylines and will avoid the unfinished cliffhanger scenario that often arises when it is the broadcaster who takes the decision to end a series.

Nevertheless, as a huge fan of the series it will be a huge disappointment to see the series and set of characters disappear from the screen, as it is undoubtedly one of the coolest and most charismatic cop shows around. Based on Elmore Leonard’s laconic, Kentucky-based US Marshal Raylan Givens, it has always been rather underrated, but is filled with the razor-sharp dialogue that was Leonard’s forte, along with a motley crew of villains, heroes and anti-heroes. Indeed, so cool was the original 2010 first season that it led me to dust off my cowboy boots and start wearing them again!

Now I will just have to soak up and enjoy the final two series of this most special of shows, and one that I would heartily recommend to anyone looking for a quality show.

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